Year in Review - 2017 22 dec 2017

The end of 2017 is near. Whilst the team is counting down their last working hours, we are going to take a few minutes to review the past year and look at the upcoming year.

Our small dedicated team has done a lot of work this in year in our every changing, competitive industry. We look back on a year where the team was expanded and strengthened by various interns, each of whom experienced their on growth in the months that we were privileged to guide them. We enjoyed each off your unique characters and development. Thank you!

We are proud that we continued to work together with our recurring customers and welcome all our new partners and contacts that we added to our portfolio this year.

We look at 2017 and see a year full of diverse projects, in which we were able to help customers from concept to creation and in which we turned ideas into reality. It was not only a year filled with projects for customers, but also one of internal development. We renewed our website and the team attended events and courses in order to continue learning.

After an internal vote we also chose the giveaway and premium of the year! Without hesitation we can announce that the giveaway of 2017 is the car phone holder! Hundreds of thousands were distributed and still this simple, functional but above all effective giveaway is one that we recommend to everyone!
In the category premiums, the bestseller of 2017 is still the undefeated tablet. Due to its perceived value it is still an unbeatable premium with regards to successful conversion. We would also like to take a moment for upcoming talents in the premium world; the popularity of the Bluetooth beanie rose to unexpected heights in the last months of 2017 and we definitely see a lot of potential for this gadget in the new year.

We look forward to a new year filled with projects for our customers and with our partners, thank you for your continued trust and support! We hope that we will meet many new players in the industry and as always we will continue to be as energetic and enthusiastic as ever when we accept all your upcoming challenges.

We wish everyone very happy holidays and the very best for the new year. Remember: in 2018 success still is a choice, one that you achieve together… ; )